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Final Exile (Jun Wen, Qiang Qiang) Author: He Han

For the first time he saw the two men go all out Liang Lian's neck was stretched because of tension and two thin and tough bones stood up forming a deep depression at the root of his neck His eyes were sharp not at all as gentle as they used to be and full of the hostility of killing But Ji Ce is still so calm his calm brings a kind of treacherous feeling as if nothing will have an impact on his mood he plans for death and even enjoys the pleasure of such a fight Both men had been punched in the face the corners of their mouths were soaked with blood and where the dagger had cut them it had also caused real wounds sharp and clear juice filling machine You Yu involuntarily clenched his fist he could almost hear the sound of his blood boiling the innate desire of human beings to plunder and conquer deeply impacted his eyes the hot temperature was transmitted to the heart excited to suffocate Ji Ce held the flag in his left hand the sniper rifle in his right hand and the blood on his hand drew a winding line The corners of his mouth were still the same sarcastic smile and his eyes were fixed on the opposite person Liang Shangjun also carried a gun his chest slightly panting sweat mixed with blood flowing down from his forehead in his jaw congealed into a big drop of water to fall Do you think your men can get my flag "I believe them" Why should I believe them What are the odds of winning with a force of three to one

“…… At least unlike you they're not crazy Ji Ce just laughed Ji Ce pay the flag and don't kill Liang Shangjun made a final effort to him Never try to talk me down while I have a gun in my hand Predictably insufferably arrogant Liang Shangjun's eyes twinkled and he really wanted to know how crazy this man could be He had always thought that Ji Ce would bring most of the people to attack and capture the flag This was the conclusion he had drawn from his analysis of Ji Ce's character Now he found that for people like Ji Ce any speculation was useless He just dares to go beyond common sense and break into the enemy camp alone In the face of such a person although unwilling to admit but Liang Shangjun knows that his two hands with guns are trembling slightly The confrontation was not long after all their time was running out In fact Ji Ce knew he had lost when he aimed his gun at Liang Shangjun's heart He moves faster than Liang Shangjun but He had already tried and he was well aware of his hesitation He hesitated for only 001 seconds and lost all the opportunities The two of them pulled the trigger at the same time two puffs of smoke dispersed in the morning light the flag slanted in the ground and Youyu blinked his eyes for a long time before he remembered to breathe almost suffocating himself to death Perish together War is just binary arithmetic If it's one you're all If it's zero you have nothing

There is no other possibility it is so simple So cruel Zhang Bo boiled water for the soldiers water filling machine looking at their wilting appearance but also a little distressed gave each of them a boiled egg comforted them a few words found no effect also no longer said anything Even he was shocked by the result of the examination Both teams failed Liang Xiaozi's team was completely annihilated and each of them was deducted five points; However a soldier named Zhou Kai in their group actually grabbed the flag of Ji Ce's group and hid it in a tree hole In the end although he was honored Ji Ce's group was stunned and did not find their own flag All of them deducted five points which made Ji Ce's face black with anger However Liang Shangjun still deducted more points than Ji Ce because they failed to kill them all and they were all deducted five points on the additional requirement imposed by Ji Ce Liang Shangjun sighed It seems that their 7th Company's wish to "kill the 1st Company" still has a long way to go The soldiers of Liang Shangjun's group are all muttering that Ji Ce is not a human being Eighty percent of them don't know how they hiccup To tell the truth they really think they hit a ghost last night There was a boy who was so angry that he spoke in a loud voice "Damn it!"! If it's a ghost don't be a male ghost I want a gorgeous one! Fragrant and gorgeous! Suddenly he found that the silence around him was abnormal and a drop of cold sweat slipped down

A second later his chin was gently raised by a finger and a familiar and deliberately shrill voice said in his ear "Oh this soldier brother I'm afraid I'm gorgeous and your body can't stand it" The baby's goose bumps on the ground spread a thick layer shivering flattery "Ji Ji drillmaster I I was wrong!" " "Really What's wrong" "The mistake was that I said you were a ghost" Ji Ce let go of his chin and sneered "It seems that you don't understand Come liquid bottle filling machine to my dormitory in the evening and I'll tell you what's wrong with you" The baby's face was completely misplaced and his voice was crying "drillmaster!" "Ji Ce is it interesting for you to play like this" The sound of help rang and the baby almost jumped at Liang Lian's feet to thank him "He doesn't know where he went wrong" said Ji Ce "You just want him to say that you are gorgeous enough" Liang Shangjun rolled his eyes and turned to the boy and said "Come on say that the instructor Ji is so gorgeous that no one can unify the rivers and lakes for thousands of generations" The baby didn't even say it immediately Ji Ce was so embarrassed that he finally decided to let him go and walked back to the cement room with a black face

The others suffered internal injuries from laughing and later gave the poor child the nickname "Xiangyan" A soldier asked in a small voice "Liang Lian what's wrong with drillmaster Ji" Liang Shangjun smiled and said "Hum he was killed by me and I just felt uncomfortable" "Oh" Ah The soldiers choked on the eggs "Did you kill him!" Liang Shangjun nodded then his face darkened "Damn what are you shouting about" I was also killed by him Shut up and eat your eggs! The soldiers are in a mess in the wind What's the matter only a few people who witnessed the battle were calm such as You Yu He peeled the egg and ate it quietly without saying a word

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